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On November 21, 2010 the first Edelweiss Bike Travel around the world motorcycle tour started – and it was truly an exceptional undertaking: 31 brave adventurers from 8 countries circumnavigated our earth; some on single sections and some the entire lap of 40,000 miles.

6 continents were visited; 30 different countries and cultures have been experienced and thousands of unique and unforgettable memories taken home!

Through the experience of this first guided motorcycle worldtour and the feedback we received from interested people worldwide we have designed the next AROUND THE WORLD tour to be something which surpasses all previous records by far!

Altogether this new AROUND THE WORLD tour consists of 8 sections, which can be booked separately or all at once. Exciting routes lead you through North America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and Latin America; a number of rest days make sure you have enough time to inhale the local highlights.

The full tour information for this next world expedition can be ordered at expedition(at)

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Your Edelweiss Bike Travel Team

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